Double Storey Extensions in Bristol and Bath

Double storey extensions mean that you have added space on both floors of your home, while still only paying for one roofing option and one foundation. They’re incredible for maximising budgets, space, and overall property value as a whole.

We work with you to create a perfectly tailored design solution for you, factoring in your every need as well as all practical and legal possibilities, giving you the best architectural solution possible.

With decades of experience and a comprehensive team on hand to help you however necessary, we’re always happy to go above and beyond for our customers. 

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Double Storey Extensions in Bristol and Doncaster
Double storey extension
Double Storey Extensions in Bristol and Doncaster


We work with you at every step of the design process to find your perfect fit. We create purpose-built designs around your unique home situation, creating detailed design options we can explore with you to make sure you’re making the best choices possible.

Once we combine this with the practical features, like planning success, budget maximisation, and the specifics of your home like the size, layout, heat, light, access, and everything else you could possibly need, we’re ready to take your project through the planning stages.


When you are planning and designing with CK Architectural Bristol, we factor in every possible influence on the planning decision to give you the best chance of success without any issue. We will take into consideration any restrictions such as the impact on the neighbours and the surrounding area, dominance, privacy, shared boundaries, and any other obstacles that the planning department will throw at us. 

We work closely with local councils at all times to keep your expectations real but still maximise your properties potential simultaneously.  When grey areas do arise, we can work with you and the council to write a tailored planning statement and do everything we can to make your dream work for you.

For more information read through our planning guide and call to book your free consultation and design assessment.


When we are developing your double storey extension design, we will always take into consideration the building regulation requirements if you are moving through to the next phase with the CK team.

Whether you choose to work with a private building inspector or the local Bristol or bath authorities with your double storey extension, we put together every relevant detail to pass your project. This then sets you up with a document ready to hand over to your builder and bring your work to life.

We also offer a tailored project management service here too for added support where required. This is where we’ll help you tender your contract, vet any workers, administer contracts, perform regular site checks, and generally ensure only the highest quality form your build.

Double Storey Extensions in Bristol and Doncaster
Double Storey Extensions in Bristol and Doncaster