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A loft conversion in Bristol or Bath is often the most budget-friendly and most effective space addition available to your home. With the world of potential that comes with adding a new, private and modernised room, you can do incredible things with your space without sacrificing any outdoors space.

Whether you’re looking for an added bedroom, study or workspace, entertainment room, somewhere for the family to relax, or anything else you could need, we have decades of experience creating perfectly tailored design solutions to provide the ideal loft conversion space.

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Choosing the Right Loft Conversion Type

Dormer conversions – A dormer loft conversion is an extension that protrudes from the slope of the roof and is one of the most commonly chosen loft conversion types in Bristol or Bath. Dormer conversions are less expensive than mansard or hip-to-gable conversions but will still add a good deal of extra headroom and floor space at the same time. Most houses with a sloping roof will be suitable for a dormer conversion.

Roof light conversions – These conversions are by far the cheapest and least disruptive option. This is because you won’t have to make any changes to the pitch or the shape of the roof. To make it a habitable room, all you need to do is add skylight windows, lay down a proper floor, and add a staircase. The only downside to this type of conversion is that you have to make sure you have enough headspace already in the loft, but we’ll work with you the ensure the most practical build possible.

Hip-to-gable conversions – This type of conversion will only work on detached, semi detached or bungalow properties. It requires a free sloping side roof, which by extending the sloping ‘hip’ roof at the side of your property outwards, will create a vertical ‘gable’ wall. This will make more internal headroom and is one of the most spacious loft conversion types as a result.

Design considerations

The main factors that determine if your loft can be converted successfully are the available head height, the pitch and the type of structure. Other considerations will be in areas like the position of the chimney breast, water tanks, and other features from elsewhere in the property, but they are rarely as impactful as the space you have to work with.

After this, you need to think about the facilities you need too. Ensuites need some special considerations for example, and so do rooms that may need to hold more weight.

With a simple inspection of the roof space, we will be able to let you know if your roof can be converted and exactly what’s available to you. Most homes in the UK do have available space in the loft for conversion just waiting to be utilised, and we’re highly experienced with all forms of loft conversion in Bristol and Bath, and will always give you the best advice for your personal situation.

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Planning permission

The majority of loft conversions that we work with in Bristol and Bath will not need planning permission and will be covered by permitted development rights (see below).

When planning is required, however, the roof will need to fit in with the rest of the street, but there are other factors that also need to be considered along with this.

We will be able to advise you if you need planning permission or not and always work with you to make sure you have all the knowledge and advice you will need before you make any commitments.

Loft conversion permitted development rules

1. No extension beyond the plane of the existing roof slope of the principal elevation that fronts the highway.

2. No extension to be higher than the highest part of the roof and similar materials.

3. No verandas, balconies or raised platforms.

4. Side-facing windows to be obscure-glazed; any opening to be 1.7m above the floor.

5. Roof extensions, apart from hip to gable ones, to be set back at least 20cm from the original eaves.

6. The roof enlargement cannot overhang the outer face of the wall of the original house.

7. Roof extensions not to be permitted development in designated areas such as AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty), conservation areas, listed building etc.

Building regulations

Legally, Building Control need to be involved when altering the structure of a roof and building certificate required for the re sale or insuring of your property.

When creating habitable rooms like bedrooms, it is more than the structural integrity that will need upgrading. When designing a roof, your architect or architectural designer must consider the following:

  • Structure, the new floor joists and roof will need to be supported; this is generally done via steel beams designed by an engineer.
  • A protected fire route must be provided, this is 30 minutes all the way down to the final exit, existing doors will need upgrading to fire doors.
  • Detection and sounded alarms will be required and need to be interlinked.
  • The stairs will need sufficient headroom 2.0M and not be too steep (under 42 degrees).
  • Reasonable sound insulation between the conversion and the rooms below

All the designs we present to you will be with the intention of passing building regulations and construct able. Take a look at our Building Regulations Guide.

What our customers say about us

Lars Cavi
13. November, 2020.
As a developer in Hull, I have been working with CK Architectural on many complex projects and they have always delivered a great professional service. Highly recommended. Lars
Peter Tyas
28. August, 2020.
Great service from the team at CK helping out with a every changing project design. Friendly and knowledgeable service, which I would recommend. Thanks.
Dave Turner
12. July, 2020.
Highly recommend CK Architectural. Chris and his team did a great job gaining planning permission for a new build and renovation of an existing property. We hit some dead ends with the planning officer but Chris found different ways of getting around the problems without going over budget.
Carl Newlands
10. July, 2020.
For someone far removed from the building / planning industries the thought of where to start when thinking of a big extension project to my house (two story to the side and wrap around of semi-detached 3 bed) was a little daunting at first. Luckily, after obtaining a competitive quote, I enlisted the services of CK Architectural and have been very impressed with not only the service received but the ease at which they have made the whole process. After listening to my thoughts and the reasons for needing the extension work doing, the architect came up with a great design that encompassed everything that was needed. Even when I changed my mind over a couple of aspects, Donna, Chris and the team were quick to administer any alterations. Every visit to the house for measurements / planning etc has happened without a hitch with all members of the team we've encountered being punctual and professional at all times. The best thing has been by far the ease at which CK have made of getting all council and local authority sign off for the project. All I have needed to do is pay the fees at the required time, no stress involved and all went through seamlessly. I'm now at the stage where I have the drawings to hand and have submitted them to builders to obtain quotes. Importantly, the feedback so far from the builders indicates the project to be within the budget specifications I explained to CK during the first consultation. Very happy customer 🙂 Carl.
Delwar Hossain
21. May, 2020.
Excellent Service and prompt!! I have taken CK's service twice. Chris and his team is very helpful and most importantly have enough patience to accommodate my frequently changing mind set. I would happily recommend any one to CK Architectural and wish them all the best.
Rockmetteller Woof
11. September, 2019.
Proffesional, helpful & a great price. Produced hard copies & electronic of everything we needed. What more could you ask for .
Carla Dulare
23. August, 2019.
Enjoyed working with CK on our loft conversion, kept us updated along the way and very happy with the outcome and the service. Would highly recommend
P Furley
23. August, 2019.
Great service and really helpful with any changes I wanted to make.

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