New Build and Self Build Designs in Bristol and Bath

A full new or self-build project in Bristol or in Bath is a major undertaking. Only a small proportion of people actually take this on and reap the huge benefits that they have to offer. Whether you’re building a new property as a means of getting on the property ladder in the most profitable way to even building as a part of a business or financial venture, we have all of the experience and advice you need to make the most successful project possible.

What to do First?

First things first; you will need to find and purchase a suitable site if you don’t already have one. Then you need to secure finance on your project. Speaking to the local authority (or allowing us to do so) means you have the land and the permission to build underway, and your project can begin to come to life.

Designing your New Home

The next step is when we come into action. We can make the necessary enquiries to your local planning authority to produce a comprehensive feasibility report in full and give you all of the information and advice for your unique build. Once we have established that your desired new home can be obtained, the project design can begin. We will sit with you and develop a project brief to discover exactly what you will need to get the best living standard from your site and budget.

CK Architectural Bristol will present you with various design options based around your brief and discuss all of the options available to you.

Planning Approval

Once you have confirmed a design, we can prepare your Planning Application Drawings and submit them to your Local Authority.

Once the plans are submitted to the council it usually takes 8 weeks for them to determine a decision. We will keep you posted with any amendments or comments. When you have been granted planning permission you then have to get Building Regulations approval.

Building Regulations

The building regulations drawings will then be submitted for a full plans check, amended if necessary, and once approved, they will be the standard that is built to and inspected against. Our plans will include all the necessary detail such as structure, passage of sound, disabled access, drainage, resistance to moisture, collision, impact, heat loss, ventilation, light, emergency escape and much more.

These drawings will be used when the building control officer inspects the build to ensure the builder is carrying out the works correctly.

Read more on about Building Regulations in our online guide.

In addition to our design services, the CK Bristol team also offer comprehensive project management too. This is where we can help you tender the contract, vet builders alongside you, administer and uphold contracts, communicate with the builder for you, perform regular site checks, and generally ensure the highest quality build all round.